Single Fluid Heating System

In Chemical Reaction, the accurate presence of 'Temperature' is most required parameter, so here comes the use of Heating & Cooling Systems. As we have the manufacturing experience in GLRs and distillation systems we are able to maintain a quality of product and process of reaction. So, ABLAZE with its team of experts has perfected the art of developing Heating And Cooling Systems for accurate heat transfer for processes. We can use Silicone Oil, Thermic Fluid, Hytherm500-600, Sigmatherm-S, Dowtherm, etc to exchange heat transfer system depends upon the requirement of the customer.

Engineering Products

Accurate temperature control to +/-1˚ without risk to your reactor.
Rapid heating and cooling which helps in reducing batch time. Repeatability and accurate recordable measurement for meeting FDA requirement.
Fully automatic capability, hence less manpower required. Mounted on wheels for easy mobility.
Control panel with electrical enclosure in flameproof.
Online support 24/7 tech support 3phase, 415V, 50 ~ 60Hz